Thank you for your interest in submitting with The Review Chain.


  • We are selective in the requests we accept in order to help the best books reach our reviewers and eventually readers.
  • At the end of your tour you will receive links to all the promotion that occurred for your publication.
  • Reviewers have complete freedom in the rating of the novel. Positive and negative reviews can be expected depending on their judgment of the novel.
  • Reviews are required to be promoted and posted on either a book blog, booktube or bookstagram account. Goodreads and Amazon cross posting is suggested but not required of our reviewers.


  1. Title of the novel, synopsis and publisher.
  2. How many review copies you are willing to supply for your Review Chain.
  3. Whether you are willing to supply ebook or paperback copies (paperback copies usually inspire more sign ups)
  4. If paperback, if you are willing to send the copies internationally or within the US/Canada (international usually boosts our reach)
  5. If you would be willing to host a giveaway throughout the month of your Review Chain, and if so, what would you like to giveaway.